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Do Pheromones Really Create Greater Sexual Attraction?

Being attractive to women is what every man wants. But what is it that makes the ultimate difference? Women are as fickle as men when telling you what they look for in a man. Some say they want a man who can make them laugh, they want a man who looks fit, some say it is lovely eyes and a nice smile and others are attracted to wealth and power. All these can, to a degree, make sense, but ultimately it is a certain 'something' which is often unidentifiable that sees a woman throw complete caution to the wind and go off with a man who may well be the exact opposite of her 'perfect date'. So, what exactly is it that can turn a woman's head without even having to try, or make any serious effort on the man's part?

Have you ever heard a woman say 'I like a man who smells nice'? Doubtless you are assuming that if you have a shower, wash your hair, spray deodorant all over and add a splash of aftershave, then your chances of meeting up with someone and, more to the point, going home with someone, are greatly increased. Well what women say they like is true, but the mistake men make is to totally obliterate that smell which attracts women, that smell women subconsciously respond to.

What we are talking about is the subtle, but deadly influence of pheromones, those naturally occurring 'odours' our bodies create and exude, but we have become so brainwashed and 'sanitised' towards cleanliness that we have forgotten that nature has its own way of working, and that we can meddle too much with 'the mating ritual'. Pheromones are incredibly important when it comes to sexual attraction because they influence the brain of a prospective 'mate' without them consciously realizing it; it is literally a form of 'animal magnetism'.

You may well have heard of pheromones and thought it was just an urban myth that they can have such a positive effect on women, but you would be wrong. In fact you couldn't be more wrong as there are worldwide clinical studies which show that pheromones can have the most incredibly subtle effects with regard to sexual arousal in women, and ultimately that is what all men want. However, we know that just telling you this is the case isn't sufficient, so we are more than happy to let you know what some of these clinical studies actually were.

A group of scientists (Thorne F, Neave N, Scholey A, Moss M, Fink B.) at the Human Cognitive Neuroscience Unit, Division of Psychology, Northumbria University, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK carried out experiments with undergraduate women and their reactions to images of men when exposed to levels of pheromones and 'placebo' trials. In conclusion "The results of this study suggest that exposure to natural male axillary pheromones can significantly enhance female perceptions of various aspects of male attractiveness."

Two other scientists (McCoy NL, and Pitino L) produced a report (Pheromonal influences on socio sexual behavior in young women) and the source for the tests being the Department of Psychology, San Francisco State University, San Francisco, CA 94132-4168, USA. In this test, 36 women with a mean age of 27.8 were assessed. 19 women had pheromones added the perfume they normally wore and 17 had a blind 'placebo' added to theirs. The results of the changes in the sexual behavior of these women was then assessed over a period of time and the results of the trial were "We conclude that this synthesized pheromone formula acted as a sex attractant pheromone and increased the sexual attractiveness of women to men."

These are only two of many trials, but we feel confident you will have got the picture - pheromones change the way women behave, particularly when it comes to sexual arousal and sexual attraction!

These clinical trials may have been carried out by highly qualified scientists, but it doesn't take a rocket scientist to work out that if you want to increase your sexual attraction to women, then pheromones should become your new best friend. The only question you should now be asking yourself is where can you find these pheromones? Well the answer is right here, only you get a lot more than just pheromones with '*******'. You get the results of trials and tests which have carefully combined four pheromones with more traditional scents to produce the ultimate musk which will give you that edge you deserve when it comes to attracting women. *

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