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  • *Normal Healthy Erections
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* Assists in supporting optimal male function & a fulfilling sex life.
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* Pharmaceutical drugs only enable an erection, but do nothing to improve your overall sexual desire and enjoyment.

Purple Stallion® ALPHA Formula will assist with the daily management of your libido increasing sexual desire and support your intimate moments with your partners.

Carefully scientifically formulated, Purple Stallion® ALPHA Daily Support Formula contains a unique combination of herbal extracts from various cultures that work to nourish, support and optimise your entire sexual health and function.

When taken as a one off, Purple Stallion® can help increase sexual confidence and really help enjoy normal sexual function, especially after a "big night" out.

When taken daily, after 10 days you may notice a big improvement in sexual performance and libido.

When taken daily, after 90 days, you may achieve optimal sexual performance and sexual stamina.


* It's rare to find an aphrodisiac and enhancement all product wrapped up in the same package, but that is exactly what the Purple Stallion® ALPHA Formula is.

The key to the massive success of Purple Stallion® ALPHA is its ability to support healthy levels of testosterone in your body. Yes, NATURALLY SUPPORT HEALTHY LEVELS OF MALE TESTOSTERONE! And how does it do this? How can only 100% natural ingredients do this?

Research suggests that key herbs in the Purple Stallion® ALPHA could promote an increase in LH (Leutinizing Hormone), which in turn produces an increase in testosterone.

But why is testosterone so important?
Low Testosterone levels have been linked to -
Low libido, loss of sex drive, loss of muscle mass, depression, memory.
Supplementing with Purple Stallion® can help maintain normal function in men.

But how do I get my erection to stay hard?
Well it's all thanks to that Molecule of the Year - welcome to NITRIC OXIDE!

We all get affected by the pressure so life, the passing of time, the appearance of those first grey hairs. We also get affected by bad sexual experiences - premature ejaculation, bouts of impotence, just plain bad sex! It all adds to the pressure to perform and when it comes to great sex, we don't need pressure; we just want to have fun! We want to be masters of our own bedroom again!

So what's the great secret behind nitric oxide?
The simple answer is blood flow or, in more important terms, INCREASED BLOOD FLOW! Yes, you know what we are talking about, it's about getting as much blood in to our member as you can, and it's about giving you that rock hard and lasting erection you can be proud of!

The Nobel Prize for Physiology in Medicine was awarded to three scientists in 1998 for their work on the effects of Nitric Oxide and it was from this research it was discovered that the presence of Nitric Oxide within the body's blood system was vitally important. As a result, it was discovered that increased levels of Nitric Oxide helped increase blood flow, and we all know what that can mean! Yes, big, juicy, hard erections!

If you think of blood flow in your body as being like a very simple central heating system in a house, you have a boiler (your heart), pipework (your arteries) and a radiator (your penis!). However, when you want to turn the heat up, you need to burn more fuel. In the same way, if you have a garden hose with a nozzle at the end and turn the tap on half way, the hose will get slightly more rigid but, if you turn the tap on full blast, the hose will get very stiff through the increase in water pressure.

So, how do you turn up the heating, how do you increase the water pressure, how do you maximize the levels of Nitric Oxide in your body? The simple answer is you give your body something to create Nitric Oxide and get it naturally in to your bloodstream.

Research carried out at the John Hopkins Institute actually gets more critical than that, as independent research has shown that Nitric Oxide is that 'chemical messenger' in your body which actually creates an erection and that without Nitric Oxide, you wouldn't get an erection. It doesn't then take a rocket scientist to work out that if you want a really hard erection; you need to maximize your levels of nitric oxide, does it?

Tongkat Ali
Tongkat Ali * (botanical name: Eurycoma longifolia Jack) is one of the most popular tropical herbal plants, indigenous to South East Asian countries, such as Malaysia. It is locally known as Tongkat Ali, translated literally from the Malay language as an individual named Ali with a "walking stick"! (We will leave the rest to your imagination). The plant extract (particularly roots) have been used in indigenous traditional medicines for its aphrodisiac properties. Regular intake of the root extract is believed to enhance testosterone levels [1].
Panax Ginseng
Panax Ginseng * is a plant native to Korea, China and Russia. The roots have been shown to support psychogenic erection problems, as well as promoting healthy Nitric Oxide levels in the body [2].
Gotu Kola
Gotu Kola * helps support healthy hormone levels as well as dilating blood vessels in the body which can result in stronger, firmer erections. [8].
Pine Flower
Pine Flower Extract * offers potent hormone support with one of the most powerful combinations of phytoandrogens in the plant world. These phytoandrogens latch onto testosterone receptors in your body and activate androgenic activity, which naturally raises testosterone levels. [9].
Cnidium Monnieri
Cnidium Monnieri * is a herb used in Traditional Chinese Medicine since the Han Dynasty to support erectile function. A bioative compound Osthole found in Cnidium has been shown to be a powerful pro-erectile agent [11].
Zinc * has been shown to improve sexual competence by prolonging thrusting and latency times between erections [12].
Piper Nigrum
Piper Nigrum * contains Piperine, a compound that has been suggested as a thermogenic compound [4], i.e. something that may increase an individual's body temperature. Piper Nigrum has been added to Purple Stallion aiming to improve the sensation of the intimate moments you have with your partner(s).
Arrow-Leaf Barrenwort
Arrow-Leaf Barrenwort * has been used as a tonic in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries. This medicinal herb is believed to be a potent enhancer of erectile function [6].
Amino Acids
Amino Acids * that have been used in combination with other traditional herbal aphrodisiacs for the supporting poor erectile function [10].
Pine Bark
Pine Bark Extract * (Botanical name: Pinus Maritima) has potent antioxidants and compounds that help dilate blood vessels. Research suggests that the active ingredient in Pine Bark Extract is effective for improving erectile function. [8]
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Anonymous, Australia
* I've been married for 25 years and over the last few months been having problems in bed. It's really been affecting my relationship with my wife to the point where I was starting to get depressed. I saw the advert and decided to give it a try. After a month I'm starting to feel like I'm 21 again. My wife has noticed to, I just keep it my performance secret.

Pete, Australia
* I've been taking your product for just over three months now. My energy levels, stamina and libido are through the roof. I would say I wasn't bad in the sack before, but now I think I'm like a high performance machine.

Andy, New Zealand
* I couldn't wait to try them so I took some before work on Monday morning. I wasn't expecting what happened which was a pretty big woody. I actually had to take myself home and relax for a few hours. These Work.

Mike, United Kingdom
* I suffered from lack of confidence for years after I had someone tell me I was s--t in bed. Purple Stallion® has really helped lift my all round confidence when it comes to having sex and being able to perform well on request.

Kate, New Zealand
* I get super frisky on the stallions. I take them before I go out to party and it puts me in the right space for a fun night with my friends. *

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