Frequently Asked Questions

Are Purple Stallion™ Products Suitable For Everyone?
* Purple Stallion™ uses 100% natural, herbal formulations. The active herbs have been used around the world for hundreds of years and are accepted as safe for personal use. We do recommend that if you have a known medical condition such as diabetes or angina, are taking prescription medicine, suffer from high blood pressure, suffer from heart disease or have had prostate cancer, please consult with your doctor before using these products.

Will You Refund Me If Purple Stallion™ Products Don't Work For Me?
Yes. We offer a 30 day, 100% money back guarantee. Click here for more information on our guarantee and returns policy.

Could Purple Stallion™ Help Improve My "Mojo"?
* Testosterone is known as the "sex hormone" and it is believed that optimal testosterone levels also increase pheromone production. Pheromones are chemicals secreted from the body to trigger a positive social response in members of the same species. Regular intake of Tongkat Ali and Puncturevine are believed to promote optimal testosterone levels in humans. It is believed that healthy testosterone levels encourage masculine features, strength and power in men, making them 'more attractive'. Thus, taking Purple Stallion™ products could help restore confidence in taking the initiative with potential partners.

Can Women Take Purple Stallion™ Products?
* Women find Purple Stallion™ Male Performance Formula acts as an aphrodisiac, increasing arousal in making love and sexual advances from their partner. The Bourrique, a herb found in Purple Stallion™ has been used by the Mexicans and the Mayans for sexual stimulation and for supporting hormone balance in menopause.

Does Purple Stallion™ have any interactions with other foods or drugs?
* Currently we have found no interactions with other supplements but we always recommend consulting with your health practitioner or doctor before changing your health regime.

When Should I take Purple Stallion™ products?
* We highly recommend taking Purple Stallion™ products with food, one hour before desired physical activity. Optimal results are reached with continued use of 90 days or more.

Why Strive For Optimal Sexual Performance?
* Sexual dysfunction and poor sexual performance can put tension on relationships and cause emotional problems which often create a vicious perpetual cycle leading to low self confidence. It's a little talked about 'dirty secret' which is rarely shared with partners or friends. But thankfully you don't have to put up with it. Purple Stallion™ products can help you reach your optimal sexual performance.

What Will Appear On My credit Card Statement?
For your privacy, when your credit card is charged, the words Interactive Pulse Ltd will appear on your statement.

Is Purple Stallion™ Packaging Discrete?
Yes, Purple Stallion™ comes in plain grey packaging and the sender address is listed as Interactive Pulse for your complete discretion.

How Long Should I Take Purple Stallion™ products?
* We recommend taking Purple Stallion™ solutions, for 60 - 90 days. . You may take a "refresher" six months to two years afterwards, but many people reach complete optimum levels without needing to take another tablet again.

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